How You Can Help Your Child To Read

All parent’s goal is to motivate their child to read and want to be their child to read fast and adequately.

How’s Your Child Take Reading?

  • Take interest in reading
  • Don’t take interest in reading
  • Don’t like it at all

Some children speak very well, but they face difficulty in reading. But why children don’t like reading. Many parents have issues about why children don’t take interest or why they don’t seem able to learn to read.

But first, you have to know the reasons why your child is not taking an interest in reading?

Is Reading Is a Difficult Task?

Children don’t like hard works or challenging tasks. Your child is taking reading a difficult task. The first reason maybe your child won’t take reading entertaining or unexciting.

If your child is a beginner reader, find the reason why your child fined reading so tricky and won’t able to read correctly. Maybe your child faces some problems in making words, pronouncing words, identify concepts or weak vocabulary skills, or your child has dyslexia or any other issues. If your child feels reading is very hard, find the reason why it so and work on the basis. So soon, your child will become a good reader and can grasp excellent reading skills.

Is Reading Is Tiring?

Why do children feel reading is tiring? Think about its parents.

Maybe your child has no exciting material because the thing they like they do and remember them to do.

Find things your child-like play with cars, dolls, smartphones, etc. Use them to attract your child, bring car books, doll stories book, download talking animal app. Find a way with their interest so you can make them a good reader.

Here are some ways of how you can promote your child towards reading?

Set Proper Time For Reading

Set some time for reading. Your child has bustling seclude school, extra activities, but take some time for reading stay with your child and help your child to read and make it enjoyable like make your child form words with clay or take the help of riddles.

Make Reading Material Interesting

If reading is hard for your child, start with less than 1 level book. If the child begins to grasp that level, then move forward. Don’t choose books harder than child level. Make words with pictures, take books according to their interest, take letter blocks, play word search or word puzzle that make reading interesting. Don’t pressure your child; make it playful.

Introduce technology with your child to play online games, solve online reading sheets, online poems, phonic sounds video, and much more. It is a period of technology, so take 15 to 10 min for it and play with your child and help him to increase reading, writing, speaking skills.

Story Telling

Tell your child a story before bedtime, as they hear new words they will question you about words they never heard before like torch, prince, princess, cattle, etc. because most children like stories so it is the best way how you can make your child identify new words, new sounds.

Or another way of storytelling is to take some storybook and read it with your child, so the main 3 components your child would cover picturization, hearing, and speaking.

Talk With Your Child


Talk to your child as much as you can. If they come from school, ask them about their routine, ask them what they like to eat for lunch and dinner. Plan with them their whole day; tell them about your past stories about your sister, brother, father, mother, friends, and grandparents.

Talk to them about friends, what their hobbies are, what they like, etc. tell them daily work like sleeping, bathing, cooking, sneezing, running, playing, etc. which help children to add new vocabulary. Language is an integral part of reading because if you can learn a language to speak. It helps a child to learn new words and boost literacy skills.

Child Should Know About Phonemic

Your child should become aware of the phonemic. The breakdown of the word



/I e/ = light, kite, fight

/E e/ = tree, free, me

/O a/= boat, coat

/Air/= chair, hair, fear

/E a /= fear, hear

/O/, /o u/, /u/, /oo/ = floor, cloud, dog, fog, mug

There are many examples of phonemic you can search it, make colorful worksheets for children, and give them to solve it in reading time and try to read words with them, its aid in increasing their vocabulary skills. It is another method to attract children towards reading.

Make Base Strong

If your child is not aware of sound words, your child won’t be able to read or write words. Its a significant part of learning that children should know the sounds of letters; it is a fundamental part of a kid in kindergarten, so the early years of a child are crucial.

If you make them aware of words and their sounds from an early age, they face no difficulty in reading or writing, but if your child base is not strong and meets trouble to identify sounds, your child will be suffering a hard time with reading and writing too. Because if you hear about the sound, you can pick, it’s easy, but if not, you are not able to identify. So phonic helps your child to build both reading and writing skills.

Promote Your Child To Read Loudly

When your child is reading, be with your child and tell him to read loudly and clearly. This habit will help your child to build confidence and improve speaking is another way parents should use to improve reading skills. Tell them about punctuation’s “.”, “,” “!”.

Encourage Writing

Writing is very important for reading. Promote your child to write a paragraph on dolls, cars, or any topic they like. Writing can give you a result that how is your child’s vocabulary skills and then identify their mistakes and tell them. If your child is good at writing, it’s mean your child has good reading skills.

Recall Your Efforts

If you tell a story to your child, recall it, ask your child question.

How was the story?

What was the story about?

Who was in the story?

Did you like the story?

Or recall any activity you did with your child if you sung poem, sing it again that remind your child about the previous lesson and learn fast.

Don’t Panic


Don’t panic; give your child time; all children have different abilities to learn. Make reading easy or exciting for them, provide them with the chance to choose their books, and play reading games or activities. If they feel reading hard or tedious, they never take part in reading time. So make efforts from an early age because it is a learning age. As children grow, it is challenging to tackle reading problems.


Reading is not a difficult task, but it is a dry subject. So it is up to you how you make reading creative according to your child, but above are some methods of how you make reading enjoyable and innovative.

“Reading is an exercise for your mind.”

“ Read more, know more, learn more, and have more.”

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