How to teach a child to write in few easy steps

Home is every child’s first school from where they start to learn about life and how they are supposed to live it. At every step of life, parents are always standing with their children to support them, to let them learn and to be strong in every situation.

Parents are always hell excited about their children’s first teeth, first step and the first word that they learn to write. A child is also excited but quite nervous as well as it’s his/her first time. In this situation, parents should stay calm and wait patiently for their child to learn.

When your child is at his/her learning phase, they need your support more than the knowledge they are striving to learn. The way you teach your child can be a game-changer in your child’s life. When a child starts to write, they need your support more than a crayon. That’s why home is referred to as the child’s first school.

How Hard Is For A Child To Write?

For beginners, every step is like a milestone so as for a child!

They find it very difficult to write a single character or even to hold a crayon. Usually, parents are worried about their child’s learning progress and are struggling to find a way out.

Here are some tips for your child’s writing victory!

Don’t Rush

Let your child take some time to ready his/her self for learning. Don’t rush as everything is new to your child. Your hurry will make him/her lose interest in writing and you better know that writing is a long term process; it’s just not limited to learn to write some characters.

Slow and effective progress is far better than faster and temporary progress! Through any way, if you forced your child to learn to write quickly, what if he will forget later? So it is better to wait for long term effects.

Make It Fun

While you are on the way to teach your child, make sure your child enjoys it. A child always prefers a game over something productive, but his/her mind is still creative. So in every try make it interesting for your child.

Show Your Child How To Hold A Crayon


Most children make this blunder to hold the crayon from a little high. Wrong holding position cause complications and wouldn’t let your child to write the way they should. In start show them how they should hold a crayon. The right position to hold a crayon is to hold from nearly 2cm away from its tip.

Children are used to developing habits very quickly, especially the bad ones “it’s natural”! As soon as your child starts to hold a pen or crayon, you better correct his/her grasp.

Start With Drawing

After crayon holding practice, your next step is to watch your child’s grasp over crayon that for how long your child can hold a crayon. To check it out what’s more appealing for a child than all attractive colours and a whole blank sheet. Your child will definitely enjoy this and will perform all his/her best in it.

Let Your Child Trace

No one can write without a clear image and a good memory then how you can expect it from a child? Through tracing characters, your child will be familiar from them for long as it helps him/her to memorize it.

You can do different fun tricks to let your child trace and learn the character. For fun trick, you can start with “match the dots” it will be the best way for your child to trace and to learn a character also it will enhance their writing style.

Distanced Your Child From Mobile And Other Digital Gadgets

Use of mobile phones and other digital gadgets are getting common day by day. You will not find a single person in this era who is safe from the use of mobile phones. Mobile phones and digital gadgets have become a basic need of this century. Children also consider it super attractive!

Once your child engages with these digital tools, then there will be no way back towards writing!

Writing is a long way that leads one to create by means of a short trip. Make sure your child succeed and always try different things to engage your child into it. In this article, some tips might be helpful for you to teach your child to write but not a fixed deal. Remember, you know your child more than anyone else!

Appreciate your child’s efforts cheer up your child whenever he/she feel down. That’s your responsibility to be polite with your child. One day your child will be able to write whatever you ask your child to write, but it will be totally depends on the way he/she learned. For now, it’s better to focus on developing reading skill more than writing skills.

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